Great visionary and industrialist, the founder of PAPRI late Shri Hari Shankarji Singhania laid the foundation stone in 1971 to cater the research in the field of pulp, paper and allied products.

PAPRI is an autonomous organization, situated very close to JK Paper mills, for seeking the advantage of various input trials, understanding the current needs & problem being faced by paper industry. The Institute is equipped with modern instruments and is staffed with highly qualified and experienced scientists, who were effectively contributing to the academic and application of research activity.

The library facility provides technical support for applied research and also information on new technological development in the world. Also, this website is expected to foster research collaboration between research institutes all over the world and PAPRI.


The Institute gives high emphasis to the quality of technical/fundamental projects related to pulp, paper, water and environment under the leadership of Director/Convener of the institute.


PAPRI welcome all the Pulp, Paper, and Allied Industries customers in finding solutions to their technical problems in the industry, new experiments through research & development work.


I wish all success for PAPRI


                                                                                                                 With regards

                                                                                                                      P.K. Suri

                                                         Vice – Chairman, COM