Fibrous Materials Testing

  • Complete proximate analysis of raw materials
  • Microscopic fibre analysis
  • Photomicrography
  • Chips and pulp classification
  • Pulping of different types: chemical, semi-chemical, chemi-mechanical, etc.
  • Chemical analysis of pulps
  • Oxygen delignification
  • Bleaching with oxygen, chlorine, hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide (Coming soon: Ozone)
  • Oxidative alkali extraction of different types
  • Beating / refining of pulp with Valley beater, PFI mill, Disc refiner etc.
  • Complete pulp evaluation
  • Paper testing of all types including zero span testing and hygroexpansion of paper

Surface sizing & coating

  •  Surface sizing studies for evaluating different types of starch, additives, etc.
  • Optimisation of high solids pigment dispersion for coating colour
  • Particle sizing distribution tests on pigments with latest Sedigraph-5100 instrument
  • Pigment abrasion testing with latest Einlehner abrasion tester
  • Coating colour preparation, testing and application to paper using a metering bar coater at desired coat weights followed by supercalendering
  • Testing of coated paper including ISO brightness, colour, gloss, IGT printability, ink absorption etc.

Non-Fibrous materials

  • Black liquor analysis
  • Black liquor evaporation in a rotary vacuum evaporator and viscosity testing at different solid levels
  • Trace metal testing in black liquor and different process fluids and solids
  • Lime sludge analysis
  • Water and effluent analysis
  • Solid waste utilisation by vermicomposting

 Instruments & equipment

  • Sprout Waldron 12" laboratory disc refiner
  • Rotary vacuum evaporator
  • PFI mill with energy measurement
  • Bauer-Mc Nett fibre classifier
  • Research microscope with camera
  • Zero span tensile tester for paper
  • Tester for hygroexpansivity of paper
  • High-shear disperser for pigments
  • Metering bar coater
  • Brookfield viscometer
  • Sedigraph-5100 particle size distribution tester
  • IGT printability tester
  • Einlehner pigment abrasion tester
  • Wet end cationic demand tester
  • Ozone generator