1. The institute has the documented instructions on the use and operation of equipments for testing and calibration including equipment required for handling and preparation of items.
  2. The operating instructions of equipments, reference standards, manual and reference data relevant to the work of the Institute is maintained up-to-date and readily available.
  3. The laboratory uses appropriate methods and procedures for all calibrations, tests and related activities within its responsibility including:
    • Sampling
    • Transport
    • Preparation of items and preservation
  4. The scientist assigned for the test is to ensure that tests are conducted, as far as possible, as per procedures indicated in the relevant national or international standard specifications. In the absence of a standard procedure, the concerned scientist shall ensure that a clear cut procedure is documented before undertaking testing.
  5. The scientists assigned for various functions are responsible for proper working of their areas and maintenance of quality standards.
  6. The scientists assigned for a particular test is to ensure the environmental conditions while testing.